Rita Baunok, Behind the Bloom

Exhibition Dates: May 25 – June 19, 2022

The inspiration for this work was drawn from my everyday life such as readings, the music that fills even the hidden corners of my home, the nature of my surroundings and the lessons that I learn daily from the people who populate my world.

One night my husband, who plays the clarinet, was listening to a Beethoven trio. The theme was coming back so often that the repetition irritated me a lot and I felt very annoyed. It made me think about repetition and pattern variations, how they affect us so deeply and what they can achieve in art.

With this project, I have studied pattern and variations in shadows that my camera captured. I like the physical operation of the camera and printmaking as well.  The print – the 3D object – is very important for me.  I  like to work with my hands in crafting the final photograph. I have been printing on different kinds of surfaces using contemporary materials determining the ones that suit my work best. Behind the Bloom was printed as inkjet prints on vellum.