Alec Rill, Happiness (resilience)

Exhibition Dates: June 22 – July 10, 2022ā€‹

A dark cloud has descended upon the world. One that is trying to bring us down.  

I have traveled around the world for many years with my camera; I have seen adversity everywhere. I have visited countries during or after floods, typhoons, droughts, insurgencies, extreme poverty and hunger.

But in reviewing my photos of these places, Iā€™m reminded of what I have witnessed: wide-spread devastation but also smiles, camaraderie, friendship, love, laughter, and yes, happiness.

I saw, and my camera captured, the resilience of humanity when facing dark clouds. My pictures show uninhibited joy all around: in Mexico, the U.S., Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Israel, Ghana, Cuba and Turkey.

I present these photos as a mirror that reflects the light in the darkness and can shine through even in the most difficult times.