Martin Rich, Light Thoughts

Exhibition Dates: June 22 – July 10, 2022

Natural light is essential to our human experience, both outdoors but indoors as well. When daylight enters a space through a window, door or skylight it transforms the space and the space becomes alive with the light. Rays of natural light create a dynamic mood as they reflect off the surfaces they strike and with the ever-changing patterns of light formed as the sun moves across the sky. Through the infinite ways that natural light might be used, a person is able to experience the mystery of a religious building, the tranquility of a home, or the feeling of excitement of being in a studio space or museum gallery.  

I have been captivated by light most of my life. As an architect thinking about light, it has always been a part of my work. Natural light is always changing, always a surprise and inspiration. I have been seeing with my eye and recording with the camera as I attempt to hold on to the magic of moments where this intangible and infinitely wondrous thing happens.