Tillman Crane, Square Foot Studio

Exhibition Dates: November 16 – December 3, 2022

This work evolved out of the early pandemic travel restrictions. A small room in my home became my Square Foot Studio, a simulacrum of the natural world and photographic studios of old, flooded with natural light provided by walls of windows. My vistas shrank but my vision expanded, and a time of uncertainty launched a new chapter in my personal art practice. 

My love affair with the platinum print began at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1976 seeing my first Frederick Evans images. I knew at that moment the platinum print would be my print expression. It would be twenty years before I was able to begin my 30-year journey of dedication to my craft. I remain a student of history and technique, continually challenging my own understanding of the process and its potential in my pieces. 

While the revolutionary nature of photography lies in its ability to replicate and duplicate, my practice is departing from photographic tradition and embracing the solitary nature of paintings and illustrations. These special prints are available as an edition of 1/1 at one of two sizes, approximately 26 x 35 inches, and 15 x 20 inches.