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Andy Freeberg
Andy Freeberg

Andy Freeberg will bring us along on his personal journey from magazine photographer shooting jazz musicians and other celebrities to fine art photographer. This presentation will feature images from his latest work titled Advisor, which is the fourth in a series depicting his insightful, witty and irreverent exploration of the art world. In this recently completed project, he follows a team of art consultants as they deliver art to their client’s homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Andy will also show work from his early career in photojournalism and the previous art world series: Sentry, Guardians, and Art Fare.


Andy began his photography career photographing the likes of Miles Davis, Bill Gates and Neil Young for magazines such as Rolling Stone and The Village Voice. His acclaimed fine art photography focuses on the world of fine art itself. Sentry, examined the ‘guardian desks’ of the gallery world, and debuted at the Danziger Gallery in Chelsea. Subsequent projects and books, Guardians, Art Fare and Where Art Thou have been exhibited worldwide. Freeberg’s work is held by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Pier 24, SFMOMA and the George Eastman Museum.

On the web at www.andyfreeberg.com