Laurie Peek, In Lieu of Flowers

April 5 – April 30, 2023

This project is dedicated to my son Jackson Turner and others I’ve known whose funerals I could not attend. And it’s for all those who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one.

With this memorializing project, I draw on my long-time fascination with layers, abstraction, ambiguity and the natural world.

The images themselves are digital composites printed as pigment prints on semi-translucent vellum. Hand applying gold and silver metallic-leaf gilding to the backs of the prints creates a shimmering glow evocative of sacred art. Methodically rubbing the gilding onto the vellum and varnishing the finished results reconnects me to the craft of film photography and makes each print unique.

Honoring my past significant relationships and the grief of losing my child has been healing and I hope is healing for others. These are the flowers I was not able to send.