Sophie Liedot, Aux Origines

May 10 – June 4, 2023

Professional photographer since the age of 20, I have always sought, in this profession, the various creative forms that resulted from it.

My multiple trips around the world have allowed me to discover people, landscapes, situations sometimes difficult but always enriching.
Photography is an encounter with others but also, sometimes, with oneself. It is enough to “see” what others “look at”. Even if our eye is never objective.

If the reportage remains my main activity (national and local press agency), I like to elaborate abstract paintings from my photos.
These realizations represent for me all the fields of the possible.

Computer technology has offered us an infinite palette of creation. You just have to let your
imagination do the rest… Our mood of the moment often guides us towards improbable paths.
In my last work Aux Origines, I wanted to suggest our evolution through time.