Paul Italiano, Lords of Salt

June 14 – July 9, 2023

“Lords of Salt”

Skateboarding has been a staple at Venice Beach CA since the 1970s, when the area became a destination for skateboarders due to its wide-open streets and abundance of empty swimming pools with curved edges. The construction of the Venice Skatepark in 2009, featuring massive concrete bowls and half-pipes, only added to its popularity.

Each photograph in my series offers a unique perspective on skateboarding, showcasing the skaters defying gravity and seamlessly maneuvering through the light and shadows of the concrete terrain.

Beyond the skaters themselves, my photographs also explore the environment they inhabit. The shapes, shades, and textures of the surroundings, as well as the effects of salt, sun, and sand on both the skateboarders and the skating surface, all contribute to the surreal and abstract nature of the skateboarding arena.

Through my images, I aim to capture the inner consciousness and focus required to balance and to navigate this otherworldly space.