Alan Chimacoff, Ephemera

Online Show: October 18 - November 11, 2023

Photographs arrest time—however momentary their subjects’ lives.

Originating with the aptly named May Fly, with a one-day life span, ephemera are essentially transitory conditions or things with a brief life or utility. Fleeting moments when a glimpse, a melody, or an idea slips from the momentary grasp of eye, ear or mind…, into oblivion.

Most of these images are true ephemera—conditions that lasted just fractions of a second. Others look impermanent but are more substantial. The explosive innards of fireworks seem as real as a car headlight or a canopy of trees.

Pamphlets, notices, tickets for events that have passed. In an ironic twist, libraries and museums preserve and collect these ‘ephemera,’ investing them with unintended longevity.

Challenging understanding…, lyrical, poetic, magical, musical, almost imaginary images…, simultaneously…, what they are and what they are not.