Chris Maliwat, Subwaygram

February 7 - March 2, 2024


Chris Maliwat, in his striking street-portrait series "Subwaygram," reveals the vibrant and ever-evolving tapestry of New York City's subway life. Originating from his acclaimed publication by Daylight Books, "Subwaygram" is a captivating exploration captured over a crucial four-year period – two years before and two years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This timeframe adds a profound depth to Maliwat's work, juxtaposing the everyday rhythm of pre-pandemic life with the altered realities and resilience in the years following.

Maliwat's photographs juxtapose public personas against spontaneous, unguarded moments, painting a vivid picture of human complexities in a transient, diverse space like the subway. His blend of mobile and traditional photography captures not just fleeting moments but narrates enduring human stories. Maliwat's work, thus, becomes a narrative arc of a city in perpetual motion, bridging introspective, joyous, and communal urban experiences.

The subway, a microcosm of the broader world, becomes the backdrop where Maliwat unites diverse individuals, each with their own narratives, yet connected in shared humanity. "Subwaygram" celebrates these connections, spotlighting the unscripted encounters that bind us in NYC's heart. Through his work, Maliwat doesn't just share images; he tells the story of a city and its people, finding beauty and unity in everyday encounters and highlighting the resilience and adaptability of human nature through times of significant change.