Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar, Cut Short

April 3 - 28, 2024

Cut Short

“Let us tell their stories, learn our history and remember the lost possibilities of every life cut short.”    - Gov. General of Canada

Cut Short captures the faces of majestic trees that in their lives served as home to wildlife, turned carbon to oxygen and provided the beauty of summer shade. Cut down before their time, the resultant cross sections serve as honorific portraits of the felled, fallen and forgotten.  We see in these images the passage of time, the delicate balance of individual lives and vulnerable communities in the face of our consumptive, value extraction priorities and willingness to sacrifice our own future for short term value.

We came to this project with some degree of regret and even guilt.  At the behest of our town, with the building permit for our future home in the balance, we removed an outcropping of “non-native” redwood trees.  Cut Short is our tribute to these one time inhabitants just beyond our current home.