Rolls and Tubes Collective

April 3, 2024 on Zoom

Colleen Mullins, Nicole White, and Jenny Sampson, of the Rolls and Tubes Collective will share their award winning project.  Described by Corey Keller as “a series of four individual artists’ interpretations of great works from the history of photography posted on Instagram merged into a collective reflection on the writing of that history itself” 

Rolls & Tubes Collective began during the pandemic when four photographers  who met regularly to discuss each other’s documentary and street photography had to change course. Colleen Mullins, Nicole White, Jenny Sampson and Christy McDonald began Rolls and Tubes, referring to a classic 1978 photography exhibition entitled “Mirrors and Windows.” They dug deep into their photographic libraries to find and recreate iconic images from the history of photography using toilet paper, then a scarce commodity.

Their images, based on the work of the likes of Man Ray, Margaret Bourke-White, and Harry Callahan ranging from playful reproductions to substantive departures, have since become the basis of a series of exhibitions at the Philadelphia Photographic Arts Center, PARC,Format Festival, London College of Communication, ICP Concerned, International Center of Photography, New York, and The Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston. The now sold-out book, Rolls and Tubes: A History of Photography is in museum and university collections across the United States. 

Nicole White
Shelter-in-Place Official Portrait, 2020

after Pierre-Louis Pierson, Scherzo di Follia, 1863/66

Colleen Mullins
Helicoid: maximal wipe, 2020

after Hiroshi Sugimoto, Helicoid: minimal surface, 2004

Jenny Sampson
Toilet Paper Roll, 2020

after Tina Modotti, Oil Tank, 1927