Jorge Luis Monteagudo, Somos Cuba

May 1 - 26, 2024

Somos Cuba

My photographic journey into Cuba began in 1997, just shortly after the so called ‘special period’, a time marked by extreme hardship which was in part due to the Soviet Union collapse in the early 1990’s.   Ever since my first trip I was drawn to the Cuban people and their resilience and desire to survive no matter what the circumstances.    Over time I’ve amassed a collection of Photographs that culminated in an earlier body of work, and then one day I just stopped going.   Maybe because it became more and more difficult to witness some of the things I saw and it just broke me.   After all, I was born in Cuba, and in some ways, its home. This new body of work, titled ‘Somos Cuba’ or ‘We are Cuba’ is the result of a trip I made in 2019, just before the Pandemic and after many years of not visiting.   These prints were made in a darkroom, and after a while of printing the one thing that stood out for me in these pictures is that ‘common humanity’.   Through it all Cubans are still loving people, family oriented, resourceful, faith minded, and live in a place where kids still like to go out and just play with one another. And yes, they love their old American Cars no matter what the politics.   This work is dedicated to that spirit, which endures and simply says, Somos Cuba.