Welcome to our next 50 years!

This year at Soho Photo Gallery, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary as one of Americas’s oldest, most respected member-run photography galleries.

While our celebration was delayed a year by COVID, we’re starting now with a year of special exhibitions, a series of speakers and workshops, and an on-line auction. Plus a gala gallery evening planned for December.

We want you to join our celebration, in person at our gallery, on our website and our Zooms.  Or as a member of Soho Photo.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

The members of Soho Photo Gallery


Our 50-year story

In 1971, Soho Photo Gallery was the inspired creation of a group of remarkable photographers, including Lee Romero of The New York Times, Harvey Stein, David Chalk, Catherine Ursillo, and Jill Freedman. They wanted a place where photographers could share their images, their techniques, and their stories.

From its first days in a fourth-floor loft on Prince Street, Soho Photo has drawn together photographers with a passion to create and share their vision. In five decades, the gallery has been home to over a thousand members and has exhibited tens of thousands of images.

Our members, guests, and speaker
From the beginning, Soho Photo shone brightly with the images of members, including George Alpert, Bill Bryant, David Chalk, Phyllis Fernandez, Donald Holoway, Sonia Katchian, and Don McCullin.

And the gallery became an important venue for guest photographers including Ansel Adams, Cornell Capa, Andre Kertesz, Edward Steichen, and Minor White.

And our guest speakers have included A.D. Coleman, Aline Smithson, Arnold Newman, Eugene Richards, Kris Graves, Duane Michals, Arthur Tress, and Sheila Pree Bright.

Our competitions
In addition to our guest exhibitors and speakers, Soho Photo has helped expand the boundaries of photography by creating international photo events, including our Krappy Kamera Competition, now in it’s 24th year, and the Alternative Processes Competition, now in it’s 17th year.

At our Tribeca home in downtown Manhattan, we’ve worked to present the best images and ideas in modern photography. Our exhibitions and speaker series programs are always free to the public.

Come and join our celebration!

A timeline showing the history of Soho Photo Gallery