Krappy Kamera Competition

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Soho Photo Gallery is proud to be the originator of the Krappy Kamera Competition. Please check back in January for the 2021 competition. Deadlines will be posted and email sent to all on our mailing list. You can sign up here.

What is a Krappy Kamera?
Our philosophy at Soho Photo Gallery is that in the hands of any artist great photographs can be made with basic equipment.  To explore this talent, we are searching for extraordinary photographs made with lousy lenses. Examples of some Krappy Kameras are the Holga, Diana, Ansco, and pinhole cameras. You can also create your own Krappy Kamera by using your non-Krappy Kamera (e.g. 4×5, SRL, DSLR) and exchanging the lens with a Krappy lens (e.g. pinhole body cap or Holga-type lens). Cell phones, disposables and point and shoot cameras are ineligible. Remember, just because a camera is old and moldy doesn’t make it Krappy. The lens is the determining factor.

Jurors for the Krappy Kamera Competition are leaders in the field. Past jurors have included Brian Paul Clamp (2020), Michelle Bates (2019) and Sandra Carrion (2018). This year’s juror will be announced when the competition opens for submissions. 

The competition is open to all photographers age 18 years old or older, excluding members of Soho Photo Gallery.

US$45.00 (1-5 images)
US$5.00 for each additional image (up to 15 images)

1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded as well as three honorable mentions. Winners will be listed on the Soho Photo Gallery web site. 

Winning Photographs 
Photographs must be framed and wired for hanging. Maximum height or width (including frame) for exhibited work cannot exceed 48 inches. Packing and delivery instructions will be emailed to winners. Photographs not suitably prepared will be excluded.

Soho Photo Gallery shall receive a 30% commission for any sales. Every reasonable effort will be made to protect your work white it is in our possession, but we are not legally responsible for it. Consider insuring your work for the time it is in the gallery. Work remaining in the gallery beyond 30 days after the closing of the show shall become the property of the gallery.

If you have any questions regarding camera eligibility or submissions requirements, please contact Myra Hafetz using the form below. 


Myra Hafetz

Myra Hafetz

Krappy Kamera Koordinator

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