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Speakers Full NameTitleDate
Joyce Culver Meaningful Pictures 04/12/2018
Shelley Rice Frozen Reflections or Creative Evolutions? 02/08/2018
John Isaac The Art of Seeing 01/11/2018
Ashly Stohl Pictures & Books 11/09/2017
Robert Herman Street Photographer 10/01/2017
Eddie Soloway Memories, Moons & Imagination 05/19/2017
Allen Ellenzweig Dirty Pictures in an Age of Political & Moral Hypocrisy 04/13/2017
Aaron Glass Complicating Curtis 03/09/2017
Alexey Titarenko City of Shadows 12/08/2016
Marvin Heiferman Photography - What It Is, Is Not, Might Be 11/10/2016
Bill Armstrong Photographs from the Infinity Series 10/13/2016
Nadia Sablin & Sasha Rudensky From Russia with Love: Contemporary Russian Photography 10/13/2016
Arthur Lubow The Intelligent Eye of Diane Arbus 09/15/2016
Elinor Carucci Getting Closer 05/12/2016
Avshalom Levi Sliding Doors 05/08/2016